Tiny Home Living


Maybe you've seen the newest episodes of Tiny House Living on HGTV, or seen the countless pictures on Pinterest for tiny home living tips and tricks.  And maybe you've even stored the notion in the back of your head that "maybe someday" or "I wish, but..."  

Well, more and more people are catching onto the lifestyle and making the deliberate choice for freedom!  This means more time and of course more money saved, especially from the chains of the 30-year mortgage payments!  What racket to be paying sometimes hundreds of thousands in interest payments over that time!

The tiny home movement is catching on!  Not only is it because of the savings and cost-effective nature, but also the incredible designs and creative layout, and even more so because of the freedom and lifestyle that it allows.  Free yourself from "stuff", clutter, mortgage payments, property taxes, expensive maintenance repairs, and the list goes on!  Tiny living sure isn't for everyone and there are perks with living in the "traditional" sense, but for those that are willing to make the adjustment, it can be very fulfilling.  And sure, there are some pretty amazing traditional houses out there...but with the high cost of living and ever increasing property values, it creates a pretty high barrier to entry for someone wanting that million dollar ocean front view. 

The alternative; hook your truck up to a 20-foot trailer and take that baby anywhere you want to go!  Beach, Mountains, desert, literally anywhere you want! That's one of the most alluring and beautiful things about downsizing your home and taking your house wherever you want.bunkhouse-1 A fireplace in a tiny home? What?!

And it's not just for us millennials either!  Mommas & Poppas are wanting the freedom that this lifestyle brings as well!  The kids have moved out and the house feels completely empty even though it's full of stuff.


Heck, my grandparents were way ahead of their time and downsized to a travel camper 25 years ago! After my grandpa retired they hoped in the trailer and got to travel the roads and explore all of the amazing and scenic beauty that this country has to offer.  Always looking for an adventure he even decided to sell beef jerky on the side of some Colorado Mountain Road next to his camper.  Now you don't have to do that of course but he had some pretty interesting stories from those adventures.

But even if you love your location and don't have that travel bug that you need to itch, there is still plenty of variety in the layout, design, and features to make it comfortable and convenient to your specific lifestyle.  Let your inner child out and be as creative as you want!  Instead of putting your new home on wheels, you could find that perfect piece of property and lay down roots like the one below. I think I could make that one work!

If you're ready to make that leap of faith to tiny home living, I Can Help! The housing market has recovered and it's a great time to sell.   If you've been thinking about it for a while, let's have coffee to go over exactly how I can help you with your dreams.  With the vast experience, marketing reach, and reputation that RE/MAX Leading Edge provides to our valued clients it will allow you to sell at top dollar and free up the cash for your new adventure!